Mulch & Soil

Stillwater-mulch-page-204x300BULK MULCH

Mulch is an important landscape element that can be applied anytime, but spring is best. Mulch gives your landscape a finished look and is ideal for weed control and moisture retention. A layer of 3-4 inches of mulch is recommended for weed control.

Stillwater Greenhouse offers two types of mulch for your landscape needs.

Bark Mulch– Ground up hard woods, dark brown in color. Good for mulching around trees, shrubs, perennials, etc. $24.99/yard

Compost– A rich soil enhancement mixture of hay, straw and composted horse manure. Excellent for annual beds and vegetable gardens. $32.99/yard

Please contact us if you have any questions about our bulk mulch at 641-732-3252 or


Please use our Mulch and Soil Calculator below to get and estimate of your total price.

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